ERD CC-32 5V / 3 Amp Dual Port USB Car Charger (White)

ERD CC-32 5V / 3 Amp Dual Port USB Car Charger (White)


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Model Name   CC-32 Car Charger 5V / 3 Amp. Dual Port USB DOCK
Fast Charge   Yes
USB Port   2
Power Output   3 Amp
Secondary Slot Output   3 Amp



• Input Voltage: 12-24V DC, 50/60Hz
• Output Voltage: 5V DC
• Output Current: 3 Amp (Max)
• Output Wattage: 15 Watt (Max.)
• Height (mm): 64.20

Warranty Service Type: 6 Months Warranty


• Made in India Product
• Advanced DC-DC Switch Converted IC Design
• Safe & Fast Charging
• SMD Technology Based
• Stabilized output, low ripple & low interference
• Short circuit & overload protection
• High efficiency & low energy consumption
• Built in fuse to protect the phone and charger itself
• High Gloss Poly Carbonate (PC) Cabinet
• Absorb drops from up to 1mtr. Heights
• World’s finest quality long lasting metal input connector
• Inbuilt Automatic Voltage Booster
• Blue Light Comes Out From the USB Port into Charging Process
• 2 Output Ports enables charging 2 devices simultaneously
• Rate of charging depends upon the drawing power of the device

Compatibility: Smart Phones, Power banks, Tablets, Bluetooth Devices, Gaming Devices, Digital Camera & Many More Electronic Devices

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